Quick Rundown

STONE REVEL is a four piece Rock N Roll band from Los Angeles CA founded in 2015. The motivation to create STONE REVEL was very clear from the first moments of the bands formation.  In the age of an over-polished, over-produced, time-aligned and auto-tuned music industry, the mission of STONE REVEL is to re-introduce people to the classic and raw sound of Rock N Roll.

Expanded History

STONE REVEL is a Rock n Roll band formed in 2015 in Los Angeles California by brothers TONY and RIGS. The two grew up listening to old school rock n roll greats like Rolling Stones, Dion and the Belmonts, ACDC, Elvis, Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Ted Nugent and a variety of other classic rock groups. During their high school years the brothers played in several bands in the Southern CA punk rock scene. Here is where they developed their taste for performing and creating music.

After years of playing, the two decided to take a break from music and focus on other personal endeavors. It wasn’t too long after this break that the itch to get back on a stage burnt in them and it was time to pick up guitars again. This was the birth of STONE REVEL.
Reverting back to their musical upbringing and roots, the two decided Rock n Roll was always the musical path to trek. Both being capable of drums, guitar, bass and vocals, TONY decided he’d take on the role of lead guitar and RIGS would handle vocals and rhythm guitar.
And so the hunt was on for a suitable Bassist and Drummer…
It wasn’t long after making the decision they met through mutual friends, VALENCIA. The second the brothers discovered this guy was a drummer, an offer was made to jam and the rest fell in to place.

It was only a few months after VALENCIA joined the lineup that a suitable bassist was found. 

Since 2016, the band has been grinding away developing their sound and style in the hopes to bring a little substance back to Rock n Roll.


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